Human Nutrition - 13th Edition

ISBN: 9780198768029

Autores: Catherine Geissler (Coordenação), Hilary Powers (Coordenação)

Editora: OXFORD

Número de Páginas: 784

Idioma: Inglês

Data Edição: 2017

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The field of human nutrition has expanded hugely in recent years, to now encompass topics as diverse as nutritional genomics and food security. As appreciation for the importance of nutrition to human health and well-being grows, an understanding of the many aspects of the subject has never been more important.

Written by a renowned team of international experts, Human Nutrition provides an authoritative, comprehensive resource for students of human nutrition and other health sciences, and a valuable source of information for everybody working in nutrition and related fields.

The text opens with an exploration of the chemical characteristics of foods and nutrients, before moving on to discuss the physiology of food nutrition, micronutrients, and dietary requirements for different sections of the population. The text concludes with an assessment of the evidence base for a link between nutrient intake and disease risk, and a review of the broad discipline of public health nutrition.

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Part 1: Food and nutrients
1: Food and nutrient patterns
2: Food and nutrient structure
Part 2: Food and nutrient structure
3: Food safety
4: The physiology of nutrient digestion and absorption
5: Body size and composition
6: Energy balance and body weight regulation
7: Carbohydrate metabolism
8: Fat metabolism
9: Protein metabolism and requirements
10: Alcohol metabolism: implications for nutrition and health
Part 3: Micronutrient function
11: Water-soluble vitamins
12: Fat-soluble vitamins
13: Minerals and trace elements
Part 4: Dietary requirements for specific groups
14: Infancy, childhood and adolescence
15: Prepregnancy, pregnancy and lactation
16: Ageing and older people
17: Vegetarian diets
18: Dietary considerations for sport and exercise
Part 5: Clinical nutrition
19: Cardiovascular disease
20: Obesity
21: Diabetes mellitus
22: Cancers
23: Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
24: Nutrition and the nervous system
25: Nutrition and the skeleton
26: Dental disease
27: Immune function, food allergies and food intolerance
28: Eating Disorders
29: Deficiency diseases
30: Diet and epigenetics
Part 6: Public health nutrition
31: The science of epidemiology
32: Nutritional assessment methods
33: Food supply, factors affecting production, trade and access
34: Food and nutrition policies and interventions
Edited by Catherine Geissler, Emerita Professor of Human Nutrition, King's College, London, and Hilary Powers, Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry and Head of Human Nutrition Unit, University of Sheffield

Dr John Kearney- Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), Ireland
Dr Gerda Pot- King's College London, UK
Professor Michael Gordon- University of Reading, UK
Dr Yannan Jin- Liverpool Hope University, UK
Dr Karen Hulebak-Resolution Strategy, LLC, USA
Dr Joseph V Rodricks- ENVIRON International Corporation, USA
Dr George Grimble- UCL Institute of Liver and Digestive Health, UK
Dr Mario Siervo-Newcastle University, UK
Dr Abdul Dulloo- University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Dr Yves Schutz- University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Dr David Bender- UCL, UK
Professor Leanne Hodson- University of Oxford, UK
Professor Parveen Yaqoob- University of Reading, UK
Professor D. Joe Millward- University of Surrey, UK
Professor Victor Preedy- King's College London, UK
Dr Vinood Patel- University of Westminster, UK
Dr Paul Sharp- King's College London, UK
Dr Elizabeth Poskitt- London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (retired), UK
Laura Stewart- Leeds Beckett University, UK
Prof Sian Robinson- University of Southampton, UK
Dr Victoria Hall Moran- University of Central Lancashire, UK
Dr Elizabeth Willliams- University of Sheffield, UK
Professor Hilary Powers - University of Sheffield, UK
Professor Tom Sanders- King's College London, UK
Professor Wim H.M. Saris- Maastricht University, The Netherlands
Dr Luc Van Loon- Maastricht University, The Netherlands
Professor Godfrey S. Getz- The University of Chicago, USA
Dr Catherine A. Reardon- The University of Chicago, USA
Professor Arne Astrup- Royal Veterinary & Agricultural University, Denmark
Dr Sue Pedersen- University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Dr Lesli Hingstrup Larsen- Københavns Universitet, Denmark
Professor Gabriele Riccardi- Federico II University, Italy
Professor A. A. Rivellese- Federico II University, Italy
Professor B Capaldo- Federico II University, Italy
Professor Timothy Key- University of Oxford, UK
Dr Kathryn E. Bradbury- University of Oxford, UK
Ms. Claire Oldale- Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK
Professor John Hunter- Addenbrooke's Hospital, UK
Dr Lynda Williams- Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health, UK
Mr. Domenico Sergi- Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health, UK
Professor Sally Grantham-McGregor- University College London, UK
Dr Saskia Osendarp- Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, The Netherlands
Dr Margo Barker- University of Sheffield, UK
Dr Aubrey Blumsohn- Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, UK
Professor Paula Moynihan- Newcastle University, UK
Professor Stephan Strobel-UCL, UK
Professor Janet Treasure-Kings College London, UK
Dr Bruno Nazar- King's College, UK
Professor Suzanne Filteau- London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK
Ms. Chaza Akik- American University of Beirut, Lebanon
Prof John Mathers- Newcastle University, UK
Dr Annhild Mosdol- Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norway
Dr Eric Brunner-University College London, UK
Dr Christopher Bates- Elsie Widdowson Laboratory (retired), UK
Dr Bridget Holmes- Danone Research, Global Nutrition Department, France
Dr Barry Bogin- Loughborough University, UK
Professor Catherine Geissler-King's College London, UK

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