Biomechanical Analysis of Fundamental Human Movements

ISBN: 9780736064026

Autor: Arthur Chapman


Número de Páginas: 320

Idioma: Inglês

Data Edição: 2008

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Unlike previous biomechanics texts that have taken a mechanical concept and identified activities in which the concept is implicated, Biomechanical Analysis of Fundamental Human Movements takes a contrary approach by focusing on the activities and then identifying the biomechanical concepts that best facilitate understanding of those activities. Superbly illustrated with more than 140 figures depicting the critical points of biomechanical analysis, this two-color text is an invaluable tool for those pursuing the study of advanced quantitative biomechanics. It presents a clear introduction to the principles that underlie all human motion and provides a complete study of fundamental human movements and their components.
Part I.

Chapter 1. Biomechanical Structures of the Body
Chapter 2. Essential Mechanics and Mathematics
Chapter 3. Foundations of Movement

Part II.

Chapter 4. Balance
Chapter 5. Slipping, Falling, and Landing
Chapter 6. Walking and Running
Chapter 7. Jumping
Chapter 8. Object Manipulation
Chapter 9. Throwing, Striking, and Catching
Chapter 10. Climbing and Swinging
Chapter 11. Airborne Maneuvers
Arthur E. Chapman, PhD, is professor emeritus in the School of Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, where he has taught and researched since 1970. Chapman has published more than 35 articles and presented more than 45 papers for refereed conferences, seminars, and workshops throughout the world. His research interests have included validation and modification of mechanical models of human muscle by means of direct observation in vivo and the mechanical properties of squash balls, rackets, and shoes and their implications for manufacturing and strategy in the game.

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