Pilates-2nd Edition

ISBN: 9781450434164

Autor: Rael Isacowitz


Número de Páginas: 392

Idioma: Inglês

Data Edição: 2014

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Covering mat work and apparatus, Pilates, Second Edition, is the most respected and comprehensive guide available. Exercises include photo sequences, level of difficulty ratings, recommended resistance ranges, and instructions and reasons for performing the movements. Many exercises include variations for increasing or decreasing the challenge.
Chapter 1 Enhancing the Mind and Body
Chapter 2 Alignment, Posture, and Movement
Chapter 3 Powerful Pilates Practice
Chapter 4 Mat Work
Chapter 5 Universal Reformer
Chapter 6 Cadillac
Chapter 7 Wunda Chair
Chapter 8 Barrels
Chapter 9 Ped-a-Pul
Chapter 10 Arm Chair
Chapter 11 Magic Circle
Chapter 12 Sample Exercise Routines
Rael Isacowitz is a world-renowned practitioner and teacher of Pilates. With over three decades of Pilates practice and achievement, he is a prominent lecturer and teacher at symposia, universities, colleges, and studios around the globe. He received his bachelor of education degree and teaching credentials from Israel's prestigious Wingate Institute, where he subsequently joined the teaching faculty. He later earned a master of arts degree in dance from the University of Surrey, England.

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