ISBN: 9780736067164

Autores: American Canoe Association Pamela Dillon, Jeremy Oyen


Número de Páginas: 248

Idioma: Inglês

Data Edição: 2009

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Embrace the outdoors by becoming one of the 17 million people who participate in kayaking, one of the fastest-growing outdoor activities around. Kayaking presents the basics of the sport as well as the skills and knowledge required for becoming a successful paddler.

Expert instructors from the American Canoe Association provide you with

practical guidance on gear and equipment selection, nutrition, fitness and stretching, water trail etiquette, and safety and survival skills;
step-by-step paddling techniques for flatwater, river and whitewater, and sea kayaking, as well as instruction on more complex maneuvers and rolls;
useful consumer, technique, and safety tips throughout the book; and
Web-based resources to help you plan trips throughout the world and find paddling organizations and instructors.

Part I of Kayaking explains the background knowledge, fitness fundamentals, equipment and gear selection, nutritional needs, and safety and survival skills for a successful adventure. Part II helps build basic techniques, strokes, and maneuvers so you can embark on adventures of increasing difficulty. You’ll find tips and instruction for the three most popular types of kayaking: sea, river, and whitewater.

This book also includes the Quick-Start Your Kayak DVD to reinforce the paddling strokes and safety information found in the book. It features videos of kayaking maneuvers, which will make anyone capable of learning the basics.

This introductory book teaches you the techniques and skills you need in order to enjoy your water adventure and then challenges those skills with more complex rolls and maneuvers. After reading Kayaking, you’ll feel confident enough with your kayaking skills to test more challenging waterways and even plan overnight or extended trips with friends and family.

Kayaking is part of the Outdoor Adventures series. This practical series contains the essential information to help you get ready and go. The books in this series will prepare you with instruction in the basic techniques and skills so you can be on your way to an adventure in no time.
Part I Preparing for a Kayaking Adventure
Chapter 1. Going Kayaking
Chapter 2. Getting Fit for Kayaking
Chapter 3. Kayaks, Paddles, and Gear
Chapter 4. Getting Ready to Kayak
Chapter 5. Water Safety and Survival Skills

Part II On the Water
Chapter 6. Kayaking Techniques, Strokes, and Maneuvers
Chapter 7. Sea Kayaking
Chapter 8. River and Whitewater Kayaking
Chapter 9. Pursuing Paddlesports—Pass It On
The American Canoe Association (ACA) provides education on matters related to paddling, supports stewardship of the paddling environment, and enables programs and events to support paddlesport recreation. Since its founding in 1880, the ACA has actively promoted paddlesports across the United States, providing programs and services to its members and the public.

The ACA helps people and organizations understand how paddle sports can contribute to quality of life through enabling safe and positive paddling experiences. The association's objective is to be the primary resource to people, organizations, agencies, and regulators for information and guidance on all aspects of paddling.

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