Better Body Workouts for Women

ISBN: 9781450432764

Autores: Dean Hodgkin, Caroline Pearce


Número de Páginas: 264

Idioma: Inglês

Data Edição: 2014

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Are you serious about your workouts but disappointed in the results? Training harder and longer but getting no closer to your goal? If so, then read on—the solutions to your problems are here.

In Better Body Workouts for Women, fitness experts and elite athletes Dean Hodgkin and Caroline Pearce provide you with your own personal training toolkit. You’ll discover the best methods for assessing your current fitness level, identifying physical strengths and deficiencies, setting and refining training goals and selecting and customizing the programs to make an immediate, lasting impact.
Chapter 1 Training Essentials
Chapter 2 Fitness Assessments
Chapter 3 Nutrition Matters
Chapter 4 Warming Up and Cooling Down
Chapter 5 All In Aerobics
Chapter 6 Go Anaerobic
Chapter 7 Going Strong
Chapter 8 Power Up
Chapter 9 Get Agile
Chapter 10 Personalise Your Programme
Chapter 11 Sample Workouts and Programmes
Chapter 12 Training Diary
Dean Hodgkin was the resident fitness writer for Bodyfit magazine, contributing editor at Zest and a regular contributor to various other publications, including Health & Fitness, Women’s Fitness, Cosmopolitan, Weight Watchers, and She. His writing can also be seen in the Times, Daily Express, News of the World, FHM, Men’s Health, and GQ.
Caroline Pearce is a former international athlete and a current nutritionist, fitness consultant, model, and TV presenter. She holds a first class honors degree in sports science and master's degree in nutrition and exercise physiology from Loughborough University. She has contributed to and has been featured in and on the cover of numerous fitness and health magazines, including Bodyfit, Women's Health & Fitness, Women's Fitness, Zest, Ultra Fit, WorkOut Magazine and Muscle & Fitness.

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