The Principles of Green Urbanism

ISBN: 9781844078172

Autor: Steffen Lehmann


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Data Edição: 2010

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How can we transform and future-proof the post-industrial city through strategies of architectural and urban design? The answer is to use an energy-efficient, zero-carbon model based on renewable energy sources and renewable building typologies. This book presents different models for sustainable urban growth, based on the principles of 'Green Urbanism'.

Current and emergent forms of urbanism are influenced by climate change, leading to the idea of a new generation of 'zero-emission cities'. These cities are seen as applying new concepts in densification and expansion, designed with energy efficiency and sustainability as principal criteria. The aim of this type of 'Systems Thinking' is to connect and integrate sustainable design principles with a holistic idea for the future of our cities to generate future-proof strategies for the revitalization of the urban landscape. The first section of the book clearly explains these principles and how they can be employed, illustrated by clear diagrams for ease of comprehension. The principles as applied are then explored through in-depth case studies of the post-industrial Australian city of Newcastle, which is at an important juncture in its urban evolution. This is essential reading for urban designers, architects, landscape architects and researchers/students in these disciplines around the world.

Foreword I and II


Introduction : Can Urbanism Ever Be Green?

Photo Series

1. Turning Constraints into Opportunities: 64 Cities and the Post-Industrial Condition

2. The Principles of Green Urbanism

3. The Case Studies - Putting it all Together

4. Looking Ahead to a Low-Carbon Future

5. Appendices


Professor Steffen Lehmann PhD, holds the UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Urban Development in Asia and the Pacific, as well as the Professorial Chair in Architectural Design at The University of Newcastle, Australia. He is an architect and urban designer, and the Founding Director of the s_Lab Space Laboratory for Architectural Research and Design (Sydney-Berlin).

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