Structural Analysis: A Unified Classical and Matrix Approach, 7ª Edition

ISBN: 9781498725064

Autores: Amin Ghali, A. Neville, T. Brown

Editora: CRC PRESS

Número de Páginas: 962

Idioma: Inglês

Data Edição: 2017

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This comprehensive textbook combines classical and matrix-based methods of structural analysis and develops them concurrently. It is widely used by civil and structural engineering lecturers and students because of its clear and thorough style and content. The text is used for undergraduate and graduate courses and serves as reference in structural engineering practice. With its six translations, the book is used internationally, independent of codes of practice and regardless of the adopted system of units.

Now in its seventh edition:

the introductory background material has been reworked and enhanced
throughout, and particularly in early chapters, explanatory notes, new examples and problems are inserted for more clarity., along with 160 examples and 430 problems with solutions.
dynamic analysis of structures, and applications to vibration and earthquake problems, are presented in new sections and in two new chapters
the companion website provides an enlarged set of 16 computer programs to assist in teaching and learning linear and nonlinear structural analysis. The source code, an executable file, input example(s) and a brief manual are provided for each program.

A. Ghali, is an Emeritus Professor in the Civil Engineering Department at the University of Calgary, Canada.


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