Solar Home Design Manual for Cool Climates

ISBN: 9781844079698

Autores: Shawna Henderson, Don Roscoe


Número de Páginas: 208

Idioma: Inglês

Data Edição: 2010

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If you want an inexpensive, environmentally sound source of energy for your home, you need look no further than the sun. Solar heat is not subject to rate increases, is totally renewable, pollution free and requires little or no technology. It is here for you today, and can easily provide up to 50% of your space and water heating requirements. This is a book that simply and clearly explains the principles of using solar energy to heat your home. Anyone building a new home, or renovating an old one can incorporate one or several aspects of solar energy into their design.

Taking you through the process of designing a solar home from the ground up this manual is also a basic course in conservation and sustainable house design. If you live in a 'heating' climate, meaning if you have space heating requirements for most of the year then this is an invaluable resource.

A house is the biggest single investment most of us will make in our lives - the way it is built and how it operates can reflect a long term investment in both the building and the planet.

1. Site Designing

2. House Design & Planning

3. Controlling Climate

4. Auxiliary Heating

5. Indoor Air Quality

6. Building Envelope

7. Overall Energy Reductions

8. Solar Add-Ons

9. Making it Happen

Case Studies

Shawna Henderson, CEO of Bfreehomes Design Ltd., has been designing, consulting and writing about energy-efficiency and sustainable housing since 1992. As a home designer, consultant, a long-time evaluator and inspector with Canada's R2000 and EnerGuide for Houses programs, and a researcher for Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation and Natural Resources Canada, Ms. Henderson is able to bring her hands-on knowledge of energy efficiency and homeowners' concerns to bear on every aspect of her work. She is co-author of the Maritime Solar Shelter Manual and the new Canadian Solar House Manual.

Don Roscoe BSc. BArch., has thirty three years' experience designing and building over 120 solar greenhouses and into-the-ground heat-storage-slab passive solar homes. He also works with land developers evolving solar subdivision design methods and services and has, for the past twenty five years, been the primary developer and instructor for Solar Nova Scotia's Solar Shelter and Solar Construction courses. He is co-author of the Maritime Solar Shelter Manual and the new Canadian Solar House Manual.

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