Reproduction in Poultry

ISBN: 9780851987385

Autor: R J Etches

Editora: CABI

Número de Páginas: 320

Idioma: Português

Data Edição: 1995

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This book describes the biological basis of reproduction in poultry and places this information in the context of poultry production. The author has collated and integrated recent information from a variety of sources in order to highlight the principles of the reproductive biology of poultry. This is achieved through a well-illustrated and tabulated text which emphasizes integration rather than comprehensive literature citations. The book begins by considering the egg, proceeds to a brief description of embryonic and chick development as they relate to poultry production, and describes the physiological processes that lead to formation of the fertile egg. It concludes with a discussion of the relationship between measurements of reproductive success that are commonly used in the poultry industry and their ability to reflect the physiological processes that contribute to successful reproduction. The book is aimed at advanced undergraduates or graduate students studying animal reproduction or agriculture, as well as scientists working in the poultry industry.
The egg
Embryonic development
Growth and sexual maturation
The ovary
Egg formation
The male
Arificial insemination
Management of reproduction using photoschedules
Nutrition, food consumption and reproduction
Monitoring reproductive success
R J Etches, President & CEO, Crystal Bioscience, USA

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