Let's Play! Promoting Active Playgrounds

ISBN: 9780736070010

Autor: Jane Watkinson


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Data Edição: 2010

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Kids love recess and playground time. But some kids have not developed the skills they need to take part in physical activities on the playground, and those kids are often left standing alone on the side, watching others play. The children are left inactive and isolated, which can lead to long-lasting negative effects on their self-esteem.

Let’s Play! Promoting Active Playgrounds will help you make sure that no kids are left on the sidelines watching and waiting for the bell or for a parent to pick them up. Not all kids automatically have, or learn, the skills they need to be active and have fun on the playground. But through Let’s Play! , you can ensure that every child under your care has a repertoire of movement skills to be active on the playground.

This book will help you

know the activities that children ages 3 to 8 typically play on the playground,
assess the specific skills they need to take part in those activities,
recognize kids who are left out of the activities or choose to withdraw from them, and
help those kids to acquire the skills they need to be part of the playground action.

Let’s Play! offers simple tips for teaching playground skills and games. It includes an assessment protocol that uses kids’ own reports of their activity—something they find fun because of the illustrations and you’ll find useful because of what you learn about their preferences and achievements. This is the first book to provide such an assessment protocol of gross motor play on the playground; with it, you can screen 30 kids in 30 minutes.

In addition, Let’s Play! offers a CD-ROM bound in the book, which includes 30 illustrated forms that you can print to put this practical children’s play development system into action immediately.

Let’s Play! will help you make a difference in children’s lives. Through this book and CD-ROM package, you can assume a vital role in ensuring that every child has the opportunity to participate in playground activities. Children spend less time being active at home, so Let’s Play! will help kids increase their physical activity and reduce their likelihood of obesity. This resource will also help kids make friends on the playground and become active in the social groups that form during unstructured free time.
Chapter 1. Understanding the Value of Play
Physical Benefits
Social Benefits
What Can Adults Do to Help?
The Uniqueness of Each Child and Each Situation

Chapter 2. Understanding What Motivates Children to Participate on the Playground
Do I Want to Do This?
Can I Do This?
Am I Good Enough?
Encouraging Participation

Chapter 3. Understanding Assessment
Why Assess?
Assessing Participation
Assessing Skills

Chapter 4. Using the Playmap to Assess Participation
The Playmap
Self-Report Method
Interpreting the Results
Observation Method
Interpreting Observations of a Single Child

Chapter 5. Using the Playlist to Assess Skills
Step 1: Choose Activities to Assess
Step 2: Determine the Current Skill Repertoire
Step 3: Use Prompts to Determine Possible Skills
Step 4: Choose Skills to Teach

Chapter 6. Teaching Playground Skill
Direct Instruction Model
Environmental Prompts
Verbal Prompts
Visual Prompts
Physical Prompts
Using Prompts and Direct Instruction
Teaching Ball Skills

Chapter 7. Facilitating Effective Practice
Structuring Practice
Encouraging Self-Regulated Practice
Practicing Different Versions of the Same Skill
Practicing Different Skills Together

Chapter 8. Teaching in a Positive Climate
Performance Climates
Mastery Climates
Competitive and Cooperative Activities

Chapter 9. Playing Games
Tag: A Universal Game
Tag Variations
Games Using Tag Concepts
Teaching Tag Skills
Jane Watkinson, PhD, is the dean of faculty of kinesiology and recreation management at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Before her role as dean, she was the associate dean academic from the faculty of physical education and recreation at the University of Alberta in Edmonton Alberta. Dr. Watkinson earned the McCalla Award from the University of Alberta and CAHPER Scholar Award during her career. In her free time, she enjoys playing squash, racquetball, and the piano.

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