Growth of Farm Animals

ISBN: 9781845935580

Autores: T L J Lawrence, J E Novakofski

Editora: CABI

Número de Páginas: 384

Idioma: Inglês

Data Edição: 2011

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An understanding of the processes that change the shape and composition of farm animals is fundamental to all aspects of production. Updated to include new chapters on avian growth and global warming, and citing new research throughout, this comprehensive textbook provides key information on how animals grow and change in shape and composition, and the factors that affect these processes. Presented in a larger format with new photographs and focus boxes, this third edition continues to fill the important role of helping to understand how the basics of growth must be thoroughly understood if farm animals are to be used efficiently and humanely in producing food for mankind.
1. General aspects of growth
2. Cells
3. Tissues: Basic structure and growth
4. Tissues: Growth and structure relative to product value for human consumption
5. Mammary gland growth and product yield
6. Hormonal influence on growth
7. Genetic influence on growth
8. The immune system and growth
9. Gametes, fertilization and embryonic growth
10. Prenatal and postnatal growth
11. Efficiency and growth
12. Compensatory growth
13. Growth and puberty in breeding animals
14. Measuring growth
15. Growth promoters
16. The future
T L J Lawrence, formerly University of Liverpool, UK, V R Fowler, formerly Scottish Agricultural College and Rowett Research Institute, UK, J E Novakofski, Professor of Animal Sciences, University of Illinois, USA

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