Fitness & Health-7th Edition

ISBN: 9780736099370

Autores: Brian Sharkey, Steven Gaskill


Número de Páginas: 456

Idioma: Inglês

Data Edição: 2013

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The completely revised seventh edition of Fitness & Health offers a comprehensive understanding of the exercise–health relationship and provides a framework for attaining health and fitness goals. This one-stop handbook for students and fitness professionals explores the physiology and benefits of fitness while also providing information and tools for improving health and wellness. Authors Brian J. Sharkey and Steven E. Gaskill have 60 years of combined experience in the field, as evidenced in the depth of content and accessible style of writing. The book aims not only to educate but also to inspire the audience to put the suggested methods into practice and have a positive effect on their quality of life.

Fitness & Health, Seventh Edition, includes fresh, new content and has been restructured to enhance the educational experience:

An entirely new chapter detailing behavior change, helping readers better understand the psychology of activity and how to modify individual behaviors using documented strategies

A revised chapter on the physiology of fitness to help readers grasp the science behind aerobic and muscular fitness

Proven methods for achieving aerobic and muscular fitness, plus strategies for exercising in high heat and humidity, extreme cold, high altitude, and environments with low air quality

New information on physical activity and brain health that shows how an active life improves learning, higher-order brain processes, and academic achievement

A detailed explanation of the Exercise is Medicine movement that highlights the benefits of regular physical activity in terms of improving quality of life and reducing health risks

Part I. Physical Activity, Fitness, and Health

Chapter 1. Health Benefits of Activity and Fitness
Chapter 2. Mental and Cognitive Health: A Sound Mind in a Sound Body
Chapter 3. Activity and Personal Health Assessment: It’s Your Responsibility

Part II. Turning Your Life Around

Chapter 4. Psychology of Activity: Learning to Play
Chapter 5. Behavior Change: Gaining Control
Chapter 6. Meaningful Activity: Lifetime Vitality

Part III. Understanding Fitness

Chapter 7. Physiology of Fitness: Muscles, Energy, and Oxygen
Chapter 8. Aerobic Fitness: Stamina and Efficiency
Chapter 9. Muscular Fitness: Strength and Endurance

Part IV. Improving Fitness

Chapter 10. Aerobic Fitness Training: Steps for Success
Chapter 11. Muscular Fitness Training: Lifetime Mobility

Part V. Activity and Weight Control

Chapter 12. Energy and Nutrition: Fuel for the Active Life
Chapter 13. Weight Control: More Than Calories Count

Part VI. Performance

Chapter 14. Training: Athletic Performance
Chapter 15. Environment: Acclimate, Then Perform
Brian J. Sharkey, PhD, has nearly 40 years of experience as a leading fitness researcher, educator, and author. Sharkey served as director of the University of Montana’s Human Performance Laboratory for many years and remains associated with the university and lab as professor emeritus. He also served as a consultant with the U.S. Forest Service in the areas of fitness, health, and work capacity.

Steven E. Gaskill, PhD, is a professor in the department of health and human performance at the University of Montana. His research interests include the relationship of physical activity to cognitive functioning in children; submaximal aerobic fitness and its relationship to work capacity and chronic disease; and long-duration work and exercise fitness as related to fitness, fatige, immune function, and cognitive performance. Gaskill has published over 40 articles in referred journals, presented his reasearch at numerous conferences, and authored three books.

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