Facility Management for Physical Activity & Sport

ISBN: 9781571675767

Autor: Thomas Sawyer


Número de Páginas: 299

Idioma: Inglês

Data Edição: 2010

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Since 1946, Facility Design and Management for Health, Fitness, Physical Activity, Recreation, and Sports Facility Development has been a cornerstone resource for facility designers, users, and managers. Now the latest edition of this bestselling text has been updated and expanded into two volumes. This volume incorporates the first twelve chapters of the previous (11th) edition and offers new chapters on policy development, ethical decision-making, and event management. Along with the companion book, Facility Planning and Design, this comprehensive text is essential for professionals in facilities design and management.
Section I: Facility and Event Management
Chapter 1: Facility Design/Event Leadership & Management
Chapter 2: Human Resource Management
Chapter 3: The Planning Process
Chapter 4: Planning Facilities: Master Plan, Site Selection, & Development Phases
Chapter 5: Programming and Scheduling Process
Chapter 6: Financial Management Process
Chapter 7: Understanding Revenue Streams & Facility Financing
Chapter 8: Retail Operations: Concessions, Merchandising, & Ticket Sales
Chapter 9: Promotions & Customer Retention: Key to Financial Stability
Chapter 10: Public Relations
Chapter 11: Facility & Event Risk Management
Chapter 12: Planning Facilities for Safety & Risk Management
Chapter 13: Volunteers: The Soldiers in Fund-Raising & Event Management

Section II: Common Facility Components
Chapter 14: Universal & Accessible Design: Creating Facilities That Work for All People
Chapter 15: Electrical, Mechanical, & Energy Management
Chapter 16: Ancillary Areas
Chapter 17: Graphics & Signage
Chapter 18: Indoor Surfaces
Chapter 19: Landscape Design, Sports Turf, & Parking Lots

Section III: Field and Court Specifications
Chapter 20: Indoor & Outdoor Courts
Chapter 21: Field Spaces & Bleachers
Chapter 22: Track & Field, & Cross-Country Facilities

Section IV: Recreational Spaces
Chapter 23: Aquatic Facilities
Chapter 24: Playgrounds
Chapter 25: Designing Facilities for Parks & Recreation
Chapter 26: Campus Recreational Sports Centers
Chapter 27: Strength & Cardiovascular Training Facilities
Chapter 28: Adventure Programming Facilities
Chapter 29: Skateparks & Winter Sports Areas

Section V: Specialty Areas
Chapter 30: Public School Health & Physical Education Facilities
Chapter 31: Martial Arts
Chapter 32: Athletic Training Facilities
Chapter 33: Shooting Facilities: Rifle, Pistol, & Archery

Section VI: Trends
Chapter 34: Trends in Stadium & Arena Design
Chapter 35: Trends in Equipment & Supplies

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