Design Management for Sustainability

ISBN: 9781844078950

Autor: Stephen Emmitt


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Data Edição: 2009

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Building on the special edition Aspects of Design Management (Volume 3:1, 2007), this publication brings together the rapidly developing field of design management with that of environmental sustainability.
Eight articles drawn from around the world help to provide some critical insights into the relationship between ecological sustainability and the application of design management in a number of different contexts. Contributions range from early policy decisions and public procurement options; to corporate social responsibility of architects and the promotion of materials and products to specifiers; to encouraging change and a design process evaluation method; to investigations into the role and contribution of construction design managers and facilities managers to a sustainable built environment. Collectively the articles provide a unique, multi-disciplinary, contribution to the theoretical development of the design management field as well as guidance on the practical application of methods and tools.
Guest Editorial: Design Management for Sustainability

The Impact of a Fragmented Regulatory Environment on Sustainable Urban Development Design Management

Public Procurement Incentives for Sustainable Design Services: Swedish Experiences

Corporate Social Responsibility of Architectural Design Firms Towards a Sustainable Built Environment in South Africa

Promotion of Materials and Products with Sustainable Credentials

Mobilising the Courage to Implement Sustainable Design Solutions: Danish Experiences

A Design Process Evaluation Method for Sustainable Buildings

The Construction Design Manager’s Role in Delivering Sustainable Buildings

The Practice of Sustainable Facilities Management: Design Sentiments and the Knowledge Chasm
Stephen Emmitt is an architect and professor of architectural technology at the department of civil and building engineering at the University of Loughborough, UK. He is also joint co-ordinator of the CIBs working commission W096 Architectural Management. He has published extensively on the topics of architectural detailing and design management, being the author of 11 books and over one hundred articles. At Loughborough his research and practical experience is being integrated into new modules on design management and architectural detailing from first, ecologically sustainable, principles. This publication is part of ongoing work to demonstrate the contribution that effective design management can make to a sustainable built environment.
Dino Bouchlaghem, editor of Architectural Engineering and Design Management, is professor of architectural engineering at the University of Loughborough, UK.

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