Dance Imagery for Technique and Performance-2nd Edition

ISBN: 9780736067881

Autor: Eric Franklin


Número de Páginas: 392

Idioma: Inglês

Data Edição: 2014

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Renowned master teacher Eric Franklin has thoroughly updated his classic text, Dance Imagery for Technique and Performance, providing dancers and dance educators with a deep understanding of how they can use imagery to improve their dancing and artistic expression in class and in performance.
Part I. Art and Science of Imagery
Chapter 1. History, Theory, and Uses of Imagery
Chapter 2. Types and Effectiveness of Imagery

Part II. Discovering and Exploring Imagery
Chapter 3. Discovering Imagery
Chapter 4. Basic Movement Imagery and Exercises
Chapter 5. Imagery in Dance Improvisation

Part III. Imagery in Dance Technique Classes
Chapter 6. Teaching Dance With Imagery
Chapter 7. Floorwork, Walking, and Running
Chapter 8. Plié
Chapter 9. Tendu-Based Movements
Chapter 10. Développé and Other Extensions
Chapter 11. Arabesque, Attitude, and Grand Battement
Chapter 12. Swings, Arches, and Spirals
Chapter 13. Upper-Body Gestures
Chapter 14. Turns
Chapter 15. Jumps
Chapter 16. Partnering

Part IV. Imagery in Choreography, Rest, and Regeneration
Chapter 17. Imagery and Performance Quality
Chapter 18. Rest and Regeneration
Eric Franklin is director and founder of the Institute for Franklin Method in Wetzikon, Switzerland. He has more than 35 years of experience as a dancer and choreographer, and he has shared imagery techniques in his teaching since 1986.

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