Dance Anatomy

ISBN: 9780736081931

Autor: Jacqui Greene Haas


Número de Páginas: 208

Idioma: Inglês

Data Edição: 2010

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Dance Anatomy brings the relationship between muscle development and aesthetic movement to life with four-color illustrations. Step-by-step instructions convey proper form for 82 exercises arranged anatomically from the center outward, providing a view of how muscles contribute to improved technique, injury prevention, and artistic expression.
Chapter 1. The Dancer in Motion
Chapter 2. Spine
Chapter 3. Ribs and Breath
Chapter 4. Core
Chapter 5. Shoulder Girdle and Arms
Chapter 6. Pelvis and Hips
Chapter 7. Legs
Chapter 8. Ankles and Feet
Chapter 9. Whole-Body Training for Dancers
Jacqui Greene Haas has been the athletic trainer for the Cincinnati Ballet since 1989, is the director of dance medicine academic seminars (, and is the director of the dance medicine division of Wellington Orthopedics in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she treats dancers in physical therapy, postsurgical rehabilitation, and general conditioning.

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