AquaTech: Best Practices for Pool and Aquatic Facility Operators

ISBN: 9780736065603

Autor: Human Kinetics


Número de Páginas: 224

Idioma: Inglês

Data Edição: 2008

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Operating the mechanical aspects of a pool or aquatic facility is a complex job that requires specialized knowledge and skills. As a pool plant or aquatic facility operator, you strive to maintain an inviting and clean facility that you can be proud of and that your patrons can enjoy.

To achieve the solid foundation you need for the operation and maintenance of your pool, look to AquaTech: Best Practices for Pool and Aquatic Facility Operators. AquaTech helps you master the fundamentals of aquatic facility care by explaining simply and clearly how pool systems work and how to maintain them.
Chapter 1 Why Each Pool Is Unique
Chapter 2 How a Pool Circulation System Works
Chapter 3 How Filtration Systems Work
Chapter 4 How Chemical Feed and Automation Systems Work
Chapter 5 How to Test the Water
Chapter 6 How to Sanitize and Oxidize the Water
Chapter 7 How to Balance the Water
Chapter 8 How to Control Exposure to Pathogens
Chapter 9 How to Operate Safely
Chapter 10 How to Perform Routine and Preventive Maintenance
Chapter 11 How to Perform Seasonal and Special Maintenance
Chapter 12 How to Safely Operate Spa and Warm Water Pools
The Human Kinetics Aquatic Education Center (AEC) was created in 2006 in cooperation with the Starfish Aquatics Institute. The AEC is dedicated to developing and delivering books, online courses, DVDs, and other resources that help save lives and promote aquatic activities worldwide. The AEC can be found on the Web at

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